29 May 2019

Traktor DJ 2 FREE!

Download Traktor DJ 2 now

Your new mixing tool

After Mixxx analysis, Traktor DJ 2 came!

Native Instruments gave us this unexpected gift for free.

Some months ago, the german company caught our attention by dropping off a lot of expansions for an negigible price (around 100 euros).

Obviously, we can't expect to have the same features as other much more powerful softwares like Traktor Pro 3, however we can enjoy all the basic functionalities to get into Deejaying world. Traktor DJ2 has all what you need to start, including integration with 3rd party services as Soundcloud. The current version is available on PC (Windows or Mac) and Ipad.

In the next video, you can look at all the new features included

Regarding the hardware, my advice?

Traktor DJ 2 can undoubtedly be a good alternative for beginners. But, which software should we buy if we want to start?

Personally speaking, my first controller was a Behringer BCD-3000 which was released in 2007 with integrated sound card. After many years experimenting on different types of devices (Korg Nanopad, Akai MPK Mini, Hercules DJ-Control mp3, Behringer 4-A Cmd-Studio, Maschine Mk2 Mikro), I would have started using turntables.

In fact, thanks to @djbigbrobeats, @djpimpmadfinger, @voodubz for many days trying to teach me, they changed my perspective. Being honest, if you have the opportunity to get a pair of turntables (Technics non needed), a mixer (like Traktor Z2) and another pair of Traktor Control Vinyl Mk2, you would have a starting set to learn mixing in the best way.

Not long time ago, I got an Epsilon DJT-1300 USB, an Ortofon OM Stylus Q-bert and also a Practice Yo!  Cuts Vol3 vinyl to start scratching but all depends on what you want to achieve!