30 April 2019

Mixxx - The best free alternative for DJS


It is turn to analyse one of the best free alternatives for DJs. It has all of those features included in other non-free tools like Virtual DJ, Serato or Traktor.

After many years using these tools, paying licenses ends up being a problem. I was looking for a great Open Source tool and I finally did it!. Undoubtedly, It is worth using Mixxx; however, it logically has some disadvantages compared to its adversaries. Personally thinking, this tool will reach a great or even profesional level soon.


  • Controllers support: It offers a huge variety of mapping files for many controllers.
  • Different sync modes: BPM Analysis and Notes Analysis.
  • Vinyls support: Traktor Scratch or Serato.
  • Many effects to set on channels.
  • 4 decks o Vinyl modes.
  • Easy to use browser: many options to find your song or rate it.
  • Auto-Play mode.


  • BPM Analysis mode is not very accurate.
  • BPM Analysis is almost perfect. Manual sync is sometimes required.
  • Graphic Interface non really user-friendly compared to Serato or Traktor. It looks a bit deprecated but they are making an effort to improve it.

We have to bear in mind this version is totally free, so it is not expected to have the same features as other 100-200 euros SWs. What stands out the most is the performace, which seems to be really optimal.

After many hours mixing, let's say, "non easy" to mix music (70MB wav files) there was no error  in the SW.

Undoubtedly, Mixxx thinks about the future, they started integrating the tool with other music platforms such as Itunes or Spotify. In case they reach this big goal, we could say a significant step would have been got. Don't forget Itunes library won't be free.

Let us know what you think about this article! Would you like installing Mixxx tool?