11 April 2022

Daily playlists - share your Spotify music FOR FREE

daily playlists
daily playlists

Daily Playlists

Share your Spotify music for free

There are a big amount of tools in order to share our music of Spotify playlists. Many of them don't allow us to reach this goal for free, so we would have to pay for it.

Daily playlists becomes a good alternative to make this possible. It is only necessary to fill in the url field with our song url.

In the next step, we have to filter the type of list we want to select. For instance, "Lofi". We can do it by using the right categories panel, or using the input text field.

That's the moment to select the list we want to send our song to, taking into account the credits are limited. Here are some tips to make an easy strategy to follow.

  • Design a good filtering process to improve the possibilities our song could be added to different playlists.
  • In a first moment, do not send your song to very popular playlists, as, we'd be using our credits in a non-optimized way because our song will not be selected.
  • Prepare a sufficient strategy, between less followers playlists  and playlists with a medium number of followers (1k ~ 3k). Some variables take place in this process, such as the number of listeners, number of likes, or the amount of playlist songs. If a playlist contains many hours of music, my song will not receive plays.
  • Every week, the number of free credits available will be restarted, so, new opportunities will appear for free.

Once previous steps are done, it will be convenient to prepare an optimization plan and analyze results.